Imagine a bathroom in line with all you desire for perfection and sophistication; with the extra touch of vanity and elegance. Our bathroom collections combine clean lines, geometrics and formal balance which attracts and surprises the observer. We create the space needed to contain all the necessities of a bathroom. A vast range of colours and solutions can satisfy every need.

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We can remodel an existent concept, and deliver designs and construction services. This single point approach provides optimum cost and non-cost value through better project coordination, scheduling, communication, and collaboration.

When the project scope and design elements are combined and considered early in the remodeling project, alongside an intimate knowledge of construction costs, the project has the best chance of meeting the homeowner’s project criteria and budget while greatly reducing the likelihood of any project delays.

We provide the homeowner the opportunity to consider costs in the selection process along with technical, design, management, past performance and other non-cost qualitative factors to maximize the likelihood of project satisfaction.